Winter Season  
                 The flower will be lack supply due to winter season, the weather is very bad and cold, then will be effecting to
the  orchid slow growth.
                 In this winter period due to the weather change to be low temperature so maybe effecting the bud of  the
 flower change to be having a bit black mark but this is the natural of the flower  in the winter season, that is not the
 quality issued
                  The price will be a bit increasing in this Period due to less supply.
Remarks : Novermber - February (Winter season)
Summer Season  
                   This period the flower will be more short supply in Thailand, we would like to say sorry in advance in case
 of can not totally supply all of them for some weeks in this period, this is the  seasonal problem that can not be
 controllable by our sides.
                   This price will be increasing a lot in this period. 
Due to the terrible hot weather, so maybe effecting to the orchid a bit rotten for some weeks due  to
                   high temperature. 
Remarks: March-June ( Summer Season)
Summer Raining Season
The high rate of orchid will be getting quality issued such as black spot, more rotten due to the
effecting from the rain.
                      The price of orchid this period will be a bit going down this period.
Remarks: July-October ( Raining Season))
More knowledge
 The price of orchid will be up or down due to many factors like seasonal, festival,
                       for example:
                       Price increase in Mother day ( May),
                       Chinese New year ( January), 
                       Valentine ( February),
                       Christmas ( December) ,
                       Winter season ( November-February)
                        and more increase in Summer season ( March-June)  and the price will be a bit going
down in Raining season ( July-October).

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